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Most people don’t think of going to the beach when they plan a trip to Istanbul. However any Istanbul native can tell you that sometimes a break from the big city is completely necessary. Luckily, Istanbul is in between two beautiful, long coastlines and there are many options for those looking to make the short trip to some of the best beaches in Turkey.

With a major international airport only 20 kilometers west of the center of the city, and another primarily domestic airport also nearby, flights to Istanbul are frequent and easy to come by whether you are getting there from an international location or a local one. Getting to the city center from either airport is also fast and easy by metro, taxi, or bus.

Küçüksu Beach is located in Üsküdar, a populous municipality of Istanbul. Located in the northeastern part of the Bosporus, this beach is not too far from Istanbul’s main areas. It is rumored that Murad IV, a Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, used to come here to get away for a swim. Keep in mind that the Bosporus currents are famous for their strength, so be sure not to venture too far into the water. Küçüksu offers views of Istanbul and the same charm that Istanbul provides its visitors.

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Nearby Şile has been growing in popularity as a resort town on the Black Sea coast. Located about 70 kilometers from Istanbul, Şile is not only one of the best beaches near Istanbul, but one of the best in the whole of Turkey. Pieces of history can be found throughout Turkey, and Şile is no exception. The ruins of a nearby Genoese castle are popular with tourists as well. Seafood restaurants are also frequented here because of the fresh fare, and there are plenty of outdoor spaces to enjoy a meal.

Caddebostan Beach, like Küçüksu Beach, provides an escape from Istanbuls bustling city life without actually leaving the city. Situated on the Sea of Marmara in Istanbul’s Kadikoy, Caddebostan was once a popular destination in the 1950s, and after being shut down it has recently reopened to regain its notoriety. Its proximity to the city center and the fact that entry onto the sand is free means that Caddebostan Beach can get crowded on the weekends.

Finally, Kilyos Beach, about 35 kilometers away from Istanbul, is one of the best beaches to visit because of its beautiful views of the Black Sea. Sandy beaches and warm blue waters await you, but Kilyos is even worth visiting in the colder winter months. The Black Sea coast of Turkey is known for being a beautiful sight surrounded by nature no matter what the season.

If you’re looking for a few days by the sea during your Istanbul vacation, then you have several options. Though the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts are infamous for their beautiful beaches, the lesser-known beaches in and near Istanbul are also some of the best in the country.