This peninsula located in the southwest corner of Turkey’s Aegean Sea coast is visually extraordinary in a region where such a feat is difficult to accomplish. The shape of the beach in the Mugla province is very distinct, jutting out into the light blue waters and alluring countless tourists with its white sand beaches. Although Oludeniz is certainly one of the most popular beaches in Turkey, its unique shape limits and distributes the crowds well. It is because of this you can visit the beach, even during the high season, and not feel completely overcrowded. Besides, with its warm, shallow waters, great restaurants, and fine sands you’ll be in the best of moods regardless.

The Turkish government also prevents much of the development around the beaches of Oludeniz, which surround a lagoon. It keeps the skyline looking natural and clear of overcrowding due to the common hotel high rises you often see around popular beaches. It also happens to be one of the best places to snorkel and go diving in the Aegean Sea and is well known the the diversity of marine life below the surface of it waters. That’s rather ironic for a “Oludeniz” which translated roughly means “dead beach”. There are many tour operators along the coast and you can find a number of reputable shops that will take you out to the best diving and snorkeling areas. Your best bet is to head out early in the morning when there are less crowds and the fish seem to be more active. You’ll see much more usually at this hour than going out during the peak hours of the day.

oludeniz beach oludeniz

The temperatures around Oludeniz, while hot, aren’t blistering like a few of the Turkish beaches further south or along the Mediterranean. Temperatures average about 33 or 34 degrees Celcius (90-95F) during the hottest months of July and August although there is a cool breeze that tends to come down from the hills and off the water. The best weather in Oludeniz is certainly during September however and also happens to be the time when most people have headed back to work. Visiting Oludeniz during late September is quite a different experience than you’ll find in August. If you can plan you leave for that time, we would highly recommend it.

Oludeniz is also a great beach for paragliding due to the incredible views created by the foothills of the rolling mountains close to the beach and visibility from the air. Oludeniz is an official “blue flag” beach which means it meets a variety of environmental standards. It is important for the local and Turkish economies, so much so that great lengths have been taken to secure and maintain Oludeniz’s blug flag status.

Very close to Fethiye in the south, if the beaches of Oludeniz are too packed when you arrive for your tastes, you can hop a local bus and make your way to the beaches there. It’s also a beautiful area and a bit more spread out during more height of the tourism season along Turkey’s riviera.

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