You’ll find the beaches of Turkey to be some of the most beautiful in the world. It is along these long shores where you there are so many great beaches to choose from. There are water sports and great places to sunbathe, all within the scenery of the Aegean, Mediterranean, or Black Sea Coast. Each has something to offer and are a unique blend of history, natural wonder, and culinary variety. These are some of the best beaches you’ll find in Turkey and what to enjoy when you get there.

  • oludenizOludeniz | The shape of Oludeniz in the Mugla province is very distinct, jutting out into the light blue waters and alluring countless tourists with its white sand beaches.
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  • alanyaAlanya | Along Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast is the beautiful resort town of Alanya. Once a local secret (the first hotel was just built in 1958), it’s not hit the mainstream and one of the most popular beaches in all of the Mediterranean. Read more about Alanya –>
  • antalyaAntalya | The historical district of Antalya is a wonderful downtown area to do some sightseeing, shopping, and eating as well. Called the “Kaleici” (interior of the castle) this area is on the crossroads of the beaches, hotels, and many of the resorts you may be staying in. Read more about Antalya –>
  • sinopSinop | This rather small town on the Black Sea coast of Turkey is missed by most tourists looking for the best beaches in Turkey. That is really a shame however as the Black Sea region has it’s own unique beaches, culture, and cuisine that you won’t find in other parts of Turkey. Read more about Sinop –>
  • bodrumBodrum | Bodrum is where the Turkish movie stars and elite from all over Europe vacation when in coming to Turkey. It is also a famous stop along for The Blue Voyage, a very well traveled boating and tour route to around the surrounding beaches. Read more about Bodrum –>

For those of you who may have never been to Turkey or don’t know much about traveling in the country, check out our guide to traveling in Turkey, where we answer your most common questions.

Some More Of The Best Beaches In Turkey:

Kemer | Kusadasi | Datca | Altinkum

Kemer | While Kemer is one of the best beaches in Turkey and popular with local tourists, it still has a quiet, relaxing feel. Read more about Kemer –>

Kusadasi | Located in the heart of the Turkish riviera, Kusadasi is in the middle of just about everything there is to love about the Aegean coast. Read more about Kusadasi –>

Datca | The Mugla province of Turkey is a very popular spot for wonderful beaches and Datca is no exception. It, like so many of the other best beaches in Turkey sits in this southwestern corner along the Turkish riviera. Read more about Datca –>

Altinkum | Altinkum is nestled in the middle of Turkey’s western coast and is still a bit of a local secret. Read more about Altinkum –>


antalya thumbnail

Antalya is one of Turkey’s most popular cities and where most people coming in to stay at some of Turkey’s Mediterranean beaches tend to fly in to. It’s a rather large city and home to a number of beautiful beaches that are easily accessible using Antalya’s well-developed tram system. Getting around town is very inexpensive […]

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