Antalya is one of Turkey’s most popular cities and where most people coming in to stay at some of Turkey’s Mediterranean beaches tend to fly in to. It’s a rather large city and home to a number of beautiful beaches that are easily accessible using Antalya’s well-developed tram system. Getting around town is very inexpensive and it opens up a number of hotels and beaches that would be difficult to get to on foot otherwise. When coming in to any of Turkey’s riviera beaches like Alanya for example, you’ll save money by taking a European connection flight directly into Antalya. You can plan to spend a few days or even an entire vacation in Antalya, which is a within a few hours by bus to some of the other best beaches in Turkey.

antalya at duskThe beaches of Antalya are typically fine pebbles rather than sand, which is common for many Mediterranean beaches in the region like Crete, Greece. While stepping on the warn stones, heated by the sun, takes some getting used to, it makes for a less messy affair when you get out of the water and head back to your spot on the beach. The location of the beach in Antalya also keeps you in close contact with the rest of the city, both new and old.

The historical district of Antalya is a wonderful downtown area to do some sightseeing, shopping, and eating as well. Called the “Kaleici” (interior of the castle) this area is on the crossroads of the beaches, hotels, and many of the resorts you may be staying in. The area has been restored and you can see a Roman clock tower still standing near the square, more than 1,000 years after it was built. There are ruins and evidence of many civilizations in Antalya, including dating back to the Lycians. In the main square, during the summer months, there are usually live shows going on that you can enjoy as you stroll around. Music, open-air plays, and other demonstrations of Turkish culture are frequent and easily visible from many of the cafes and restaurants lining Kaleici.

Back to the waters off the shores of Antalya, they are great for all kinds of water sports. Jet skiing, paragliding, and motorboat rentals are all available and can be easy booked from the numerous shops along the coastline. There are also day sailing trips and tours that will take you around some of the more isolated beaches around Antalya that are only accessible by boat. You’ll be able to take a relaxing dip in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, lay on the deserted beaches, or go snorkeling around the docked boat.

Since the weather is especially hot in August, we recommend planning your trips to Antalya in the much more comfortable month of September. You’ll be arriving just in time for the 18-day long Antalya Festival featuring music, cuisine, and a little something for everyone. In fact, there is plenty to do almost year round in Antalya, whose beaches are warm from April through October.

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