Located in the heart of the Turkish riviera, Kusadasi is in the middle of just about everything there is to love about the Aegean coast. Kusadasi is close to a number of other great resort towns like Bodrum and right next door to some of the most popular historical sites in the world like Ephesus. One of the things that makes Kusadasi so great is the fact that it’s a big beach town with a small time feel. You’ll be close enough to the big party centers like Bodrum nearby, while having a great night dancing in Kusadasi, then stretching your legs walking around ruins from the Roman Empire. One of the best ways to be introduced to Kusadasi is to arrive by bus along the winding cliffs overlooking the beach. If at all possible you should time your arrival at sundown to see one of the most spectacular sunsets on the water you can find.

Kusadasi also happens to be a major port on the cruise line path, dropping of thousands of people for day trips in and around the resort town. You can also book a trip directly from the city and visit many of the fairly close by beautiful beaches of Brela, Croatia or the island of Crete. There is plenty to keep you busy in Kusadasi like the restaurants overlooking the clear blue and green sea waters where you can eat fresh fish and try Turkish beer (Efes Pilsner).

kusadasi panorama

When booking a hotel in Kusadasi, don’t always go for the more expensive big names. They’ll usually have bigger rooms and more occupancy during the high season but tend to be located close to the beach. That’s great if you don’t want to walk an extra minute or two to get to a great sunbathing spot, but they also will rob you of a great view. Many of the smaller and locally owned hotels and hostels are up higher in the surrounding cliffs, have traditional Turkish breakfasts, and are less expensive. You’ll typically also find most of the major accommodations and some extras, like free wi-fi, that you would at larger establishments. Turkey is such and the variety in Kusadasi so plentiful that if you don’t like a particular place, you can often re-book on the spot just by walking into a nearby place.

Getting in and around locally in Kusadasi is also very easy, once you figure out the local bus system. Called “dolmus” (literally meaning “filled”), you hop on, pass your money up to the driver and make your way to the next stop. You’ll want to print out a small map or grab one from the hotel first, since the stops aren’t always the same and only the first and last stop are written on the front of the bus. Also, like the name suggests, these buses can become quite crowded but don’t worry – they are absolutely safe. Just keep you eye on your bags and pockets as you would when traveling anywhere to deter any pickpockets.

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